Friday, August 31, 2007

aquaria KLCC

Im having a flu!
pu si huan!

unfortunately things are getting hectic for all of us.
i hope amidst the busy schedule we'll still have time for each other.

i went to aquaria KLCC with family today..

and err.. i further TRUST that i REALLY have some sort of aquamarine/water/fish/whatever-the-hell-lives-in-water phobia okay..
no i mean like seriously!

i was so freaked by the fishes but obviously i had to be well behaved -.-
Especially the fishes swimming overhead.. omg i kept thinking "okay look for the nearest exit in case the tank collapses and the shark falls on you"
ridiculous i know but im dead serious.

there was a tank where they had fishes and we were allowed to touch them..
and the first thing i said was "does it bite?"
the lady looked at me like "what planet do you come from?"

Oh well.

How have the rest of you been?
Joe and Adrian, tell me tell me tell meeeee.. how was the Merdeka event?
hehe =)

Take care ya'll
much love.

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