Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hello there

First of all, a warm welcome to our newborn blogger wunnie!

*hugsssss* *huggggssss* hugsssssss**

welcome welcome

On the other hand. i realised that Haardos Blog has been neglected all this while

Yes we all know most of us come here to spam the tagboxes. However i realized that prolly because we didnt have the theme for this blog, thats the reason.

At first, it was to post about all our haardos outings, which is getting lesser and lesser due to everyone's busy-ness.

For example, another group blog is about food, where everything related to food is posted, regardless of whether it is a group outing or not.


Deng deng deng


and also, if you want to post it on your blog instead, sure just put up a small summary of the post and post on haardo blog. Then link up your blog in the post. So we know you updated your blog and we get to visit your blog. wooot

Or if you see any interesting youtube videos, go ahead, just post it for everyone to watch. it will be fun.

And on the other hand, i was thinking of commercializing Haardos blog. More informations will be revealed later. If all of us clicks the ads, we will definately get money $$$$$. and when the $$$$ is enough, it will be used for our new haardo gathering or to buy each haardo some presents. :) fun isnt it?

Leave your comments to this post and not the tagboxes. I know the spam will bury ur comments in the tagboxes :)


jkavi said...

AHAHHAHAHA you hug wun until liddat she sure suffocate la omg..

Btw yeah i do agree.
i think this blog serves as the best way for us to keep in touch since we're all getting very busy and barely have the time to catch each other online, let alone hang out in person.

So yeah, just blog anything that comes to your minds, ya'll!

Just dont whip the blog *cough* anne *cough*


okay la , looking forward to more entries =)

love you guys. lots.

Joe said...

use the earnings to buy presents for hardos?

wow. that means i'll be getting new panties for christmas

AdrianC said...

i want a haardo tie...and ahaardo mask..with durian thorns