Saturday, August 11, 2007

random rant

Hey ya'll..
we need more updates from all of us la if this blog is to survive..
come on people!

By the way, its been WAY TOO LONG that i haven't seen most of the haardos.

All's going fine for me ,except the fact that im still lagging in some subjects because of the few lectures that i missed when i was sick ..
i need to start studying before i super-lag like last semester..


So how have the rest of you been?

for some weird reason i've been having emotional tug-o-wars with myself.
Sometimes i beat myself up over silly things and other times i am ignorant of things that really matter. i need a smack. or better still, a whip =)
but not from kien seng. if he whips me my one piece body will become 2.

Im missing you guys tons la. Im not used to seeing you guys so seldom. and it's eating into me.
Im beginning to make new friends at Uni. Yeah, a breath of fresh air. But none of them are like the haardos. none of them will ever be. thats the world ay? you make new friends and you move on .. but of course you people will always be my darlings =)

A small part of me is starting to feel the anxiety of leaving next year.
yeah most people tell me "its still early, chill la" but the truth is im emotional and im homely.
both put together is a disaster when having to leave home to a foreign place with very few familiar faces.
I know. its a reality i've got to accept. and i will. i just need time :)

AND SO... i hope we can all meet at the end of august when wun and anne have their holidays.
Both of you, study hard and all the best okay? much love!

Im too sleepy la. i will post pics soon.
take care ya'll.
me loves you.

oh p/s : to those that have been reading my blog and have noticed the emotional rants, dont worry about me okay im doing fine. i just sometimes use my blog as an outlet. =)

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