Sunday, August 19, 2007

Yo people

 well first of all, a very warrrrrrrrrm welcome to baby blogger WUNNNIEEEEEe. shes a baby in the perilous world of blogosphere(got this from xiaxue) okay?

now that we have a new blogger here and also the ucsi exams comin to an end i expect to see an increase in activity here? :P

To update u guys abit, the past few weeks have been crazy for me. Uni, tests, meetings, labs,  foosball(u can choose not to see this), Uni, lectures, tests, meetings,labs, reports... ARGH and i used to think sam was the tougheEST. nowadays, even if i go online i dont chat much. with anybody.  Coz im always doin work and when i dont have work to do, i chill and read blogs. WOW blog reading can be so addictive!

Of late ive been reading alot of Raja Petra's blog posts. Hes a radical socio political blogger, which some of you may find unsuitable, even boring. But this guy who has extensive links within 
the government and the royal family has a really critical thinking and good writing skiills. PLus
all the covered-up secrets of the government. And eventho hes a malay himself he criticizes the malays kau kau. Some of the stuff are true, i believe, thats why hes the blogger with the most hits in a day in our country.

well those stuff aside, I LOOOOOK FORWARD TOOO OURR NEXXT OUTINNGGG. bleh.

got to go study for some fucked up Engineering Structures test. im darn tired. OUt.~

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