Friday, August 17, 2007




How have u ppl been doing?
I miss u guys tons!
Yeah its me…YEEWUN BLOGGING HERE..hehe..surprised?
It’s my first time of blogging though..much thanks to kavi darling!was so damn blur just now on how to get to the blog and all..

Well…our finals examination started this week and its gonna over very very soon,as in like next mon,,one more paper to go which is calculus..everyones pretty worked out..had been nerding and nerding on the past few days..burning midnight oil to late McD sure anne is gonna blog bout this too.the late McD party..i’ll let her do the briefing aye..nyek nyek...had a craziest nite ever laughing and chatting..
Well..havent have a long nice slp since we shifted here..manage to get 2 hours of slp onli sad..and surprisingly am not sleepy now..somethings wrong I supposed..haha! and I seriously cant wait for everything to over then ufoOooOooooooO…2 weeks of hols after that..UCSI is so super the very stingy u see…but no matter wat am gonna enjoy my hols to the fullest..hehe..
Ive got to go now…will update more during my hols..and take care everyone

I heart u ppl a lot......

Till the next post..
Stay tune!

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