Tuesday, April 28, 2009



Is this blog dead?



Thursday, October 2, 2008


Happy Birthday HardoWun!
Love, Kavi

Monday, September 29, 2008


Eh....is this blog dead or wat?

NVM..let me revive it!!!!!!

Spring is here!! And Kavi is really really happy about it, because that means out goes the thick, bulky jackets and long sleeved shirts and track bottoms and in comes the shorts, short sleeves and for the girls tank tops and what i like to classify as food---> spaghetti... :p hahahaha

Anyway, one week of our spring break just flew away without me realising it and another week we'll be back facing lecturers and bacterias during Microbiology labs again... darn...

By the way, i know i'll get labeled "siao" for this, im actually a bit disappointed that the cold weather is going away, it really started to grow on me then....but then...doesnt matter la, i get to show the sexy side of me...muahahahahahaha

I hope everyones doing great back hope and i'll see you guys the minute i touch down....ok, thats a bit too much for me ...the soonest ok? Hahahahaha...

See ya later!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


hi guys im back in adelaide.
feeling homesick now but i'll be fine.
will be abit busy settling in cleaning my dusty room.
catch u guys in december yeah =)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Dinner, Lunch together?

Heeelloos! This is my very first post!

Since Kavi is back, I think we should all meet up for dinner or lunch. How about Yuen Steamboat, at Sunway? Its twenty bucks, eat-all-you-want-steamboat including prawns, kickass chicken wings, seafood, and etc. We can call up Sean, Cannie and whoever on that right side of blog links. How about this coming weekend? Will Liann and Wunnie be back from uni?

I DONT MAKE PLANS! So I am counting on this plan to work out!!

Its just a suggestion, any better ideas for food is up for votes :)

As you all know, I'm not the kejar kejar for you to turn up, so please make it a point to make this happen!


We havent met up since.. dot dot dot.


Sunday, May 11, 2008


WHOOOOOOOOOO...im back!!!!!

Happy Mothers day to all the mothers in the whole wide world!!!!!

Tomorrow we have some nonsense physiology test and i still have a whole chapter to go through again.......

Last years biomed killed all my enthusiasm for physiology (well whoever does?). i still like the rest of the subjects though, interesting stuffs......

Anyway came out to boil water for coffee and im stuck to my laptop doing this...haha omg, better focus like im in a badminton tournament now....hopefully i dun click on the rainbow six vegas 2 icon.....



C ya guys and have a good remaining sunday..... :p

Wednesday, May 7, 2008



where is everyone =(

i guess we're going to start getting busy from now on till july..
good luck to all of you yeah =)

i'll be a bit busy this few weeks. endless nonsense la omg.

cant wait to see you guys in july =)

let me know how youre doing :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


GIRLLLL you're 20 d =P
grandma d .. HAHA.

Hope you have funnnn..get drunk and send us photos =.=

take care babe.
happy birthday
love , kavi


long time since ive posted up something..
finals are stil going on til next monday...
omg omg i just cant cant wait..
and then we shall have some outings alright?
im good..just that abit stress up with finals....
well, its normal i guess..=)
back to notes now...
good day ppl=)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


How are you guys?

Anne and Wunnie must be busy with their finals. all the best girls =)

im down with a terrible flu today.
it's ceat darling's Bday tomorrroww!! woohooo!!
hehhe =)

take care guys. keep this blog alive kay!

love, Kavi

one word


lol u noobs. -.-

nah just feel like spamming here

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Defence of the Kavi

Waaaaaaaa.........was counter attacked as soon as i realised that i had the upper hand......

So much for the Defence of the Kavi........

Ok, nvm, i have just consulted the ultimate King of Noob, his royal highness King Henry Nooblian the 4th, from the Republic of noobness, that i have failed a qualification test to join his kingdom, although i dun really want to join, but its just for assurance. Apparently, the official cut off point for the noob points is 5000, and based on the Noob scaling, my faces there does not really qualify enough. In fact, despite his majesty's desperateness to induct me in, he could only find a mere 200 points for that, and the reason was plainly due to poor editing of the pictures, and some pretty crappy artwork. However, his majesty said that the previous poster does have a potential to join his kingdom if he likes, and join the already promoted to Prime Minister Kavitha and be her right hand man, which is the deputy prime minister.

Ok, back to Kavi now. his majesty has told me to tell u that u have recently gained an xtra 3000 noob points for spilling milo all over ur jacket, which led him to a great idea of a film called the Room of Flying Milo. And that brings ur total to 530000 noob points, thereby making you eligible to the throne once his majesty is incapable of ruling the country. Although the record of noob points stands at 100000000000, Henry (ah, who cares about the formality) says that Kavi is close to achieving that target for she has gained another 1000 noob points today for apparently being blur in class. that brings ur grand total to 531000. he also encourages you to continue your winning streak so that nobody can surpass u in noobness and u can safely ascend to the throne, and be officially crowned the Queen of Noob.

So Kavi, despite the best efforts of defence from your loyal followers, it seems that it is your destiny to ascend to the throne and become the Queen of Noob once and for all. Keep up the good work, and i wont see you in ur country anytime soon anyway. (Whoever wans to be in there???) Ps: Henry the King of Noob told me all these facts......

So Kavi....

Good luck!


Fear NOt !

It seems kavi is being thrashed by the down-but-not-out appendicitis-surviving noodle species, Pan Meen(sometimes known also as Kien Seng).

Click H-E-R-E for a Wikipedia explanation of this unique species

But fear not kavi,


Defense of the Kavi


The reason Kien seng made such a big fuss , calling Kavi a noob over and over again..

Was because he felt that he deserved the spot in the noob club more than Kavi.

And i hate to say this, But i have to agree with him.

His evil noob grin.

Hes got some noob disappearing ability. I managed to catch this shot before he disappeared into complete noobness

See kavi ... you CANT beat him

Lets just give him the spot in the noob club. My bad, not just a spot, with his level of noobness he deserves the THRONE.

Again, Kien Seng achieved victory.

RE: waaah so long dy


Kavi has been very noob lately, thanks to Henry inducting her into his Kingdom of Noob...its like an electron withdrawing group, a negative inductive effect, pulling kavi into his kingdom. Hence, kavi has been amassing a mammoth "noob points" making her eligible to be a minister in his kingdom......

Anyway, its a common knowledge now, everyones been calling kavi noob wahahahahhahahahahhaa.......



wah very long d


btw hardos i really hope we keep this blog alive =)

Im doing well here la but yesterday i froze..and couldnt sleep.

so today i went and bought an electric blanket :)

Kienseng has been VERRRRYYYYY naughty!!
everyday call me noob!

help me!

How is everyone else?
update yo!

Hi again?


So im the first one to bang something up for the first time in 3 months. And im beginning to be able to shake hips now again...whooooooo..(not too vigorous of course). Its Autumn now and the weather is getting colder and colder as the days go by, gonna have max temp of 19 degrees tmr, and a min of 13! whooooooooo....i like it, such a relief from the hellish heatwave. And its because of the stupid heatwave that my appendix burst in the first place. Was unable to detect any fever due to the heat, i plainly thought that the heat from my body was normal due to the heat, luckily the heatwave stopped...phew.....The only problem now is during shower, the minute i step out from the cubicle, the frostiness is unbelievable, dunno how i managed to survive until now (how am i gonna survive during winter??!!!) Well, maybe i wont shower during winter hahahahahahhahaah.....

Anyway....Kavi if ur reading this....


YEEEHHAAAAAA........anyway, taking a leaf out of Li Annes book, time for notes bonding.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008



love all of you guys!!

keep me posted okay!!
im doing well.

take care
dont worry about me!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dear kavi,

(like writing love letter haha) well it is a love letter can say =p from all us haardos..
Just wanna wish you all the best over there..take care,have a safe journey and whatever awaits you over there,rmbr we're here to have your back.
You've been and will always be a wonderful friend and blessing.All of us will agree to that in an instant.We've all gone thru ups and downs and we've experienced the pain and laughter together. and Im really thankful for friends that gave me sweet,pleasant and irreplaceable memories during my college years and even after that.Out of my whole schooling life,I gotta say that college was one of the most memorable years in my life. Thank You Kavi for all the beautiful memories u gave us.The laughter and smiles you brought to our faces.The cute meowie poses you taught us. The advises u shared with us. Thank you.so much.
Even as we move on,may all of us grow closer despite the distance.And may we look back one day and be able to tell each other, "some things REALLY do remain even when times and people around us change".
Take good care over there dear.Make us proud.And spread the hardo love over there..we'll miss you. =)

With love,

Monday, December 31, 2007



Happy New Year!!

Like wun said, it's been 2 years..and counting.

Put short, you guys are amazing. you guys are like family to me.
I love all of you so very much!!

So lets usher in 2008 with a powerful hipshake =P

Take care guys.
happy new year :)

happy new year!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008, haardos!!
*a toast for endless years of friendship*
its been 2 years..2 years!!!
and im stil counting til eternity!!
thanks for the AWESOME friendship u guys blessed me with...
the year of 2008 wil bring us even closer im sure =)
p/s:i cant wait for the sleepover..whee!!