Monday, September 29, 2008

YOhooooo... this blog dead or wat?

NVM..let me revive it!!!!!!

Spring is here!! And Kavi is really really happy about it, because that means out goes the thick, bulky jackets and long sleeved shirts and track bottoms and in comes the shorts, short sleeves and for the girls tank tops and what i like to classify as food---> spaghetti... :p hahahaha

Anyway, one week of our spring break just flew away without me realising it and another week we'll be back facing lecturers and bacterias during Microbiology labs again... darn...

By the way, i know i'll get labeled "siao" for this, im actually a bit disappointed that the cold weather is going away, it really started to grow on me then....but then...doesnt matter la, i get to show the sexy side of me...muahahahahahaha

I hope everyones doing great back hope and i'll see you guys the minute i touch down....ok, thats a bit too much for me ...the soonest ok? Hahahahaha...

See ya later!

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