Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dear kavi,

(like writing love letter haha) well it is a love letter can say =p from all us haardos..
Just wanna wish you all the best over there..take care,have a safe journey and whatever awaits you over there,rmbr we're here to have your back.
You've been and will always be a wonderful friend and blessing.All of us will agree to that in an instant.We've all gone thru ups and downs and we've experienced the pain and laughter together. and Im really thankful for friends that gave me sweet,pleasant and irreplaceable memories during my college years and even after that.Out of my whole schooling life,I gotta say that college was one of the most memorable years in my life. Thank You Kavi for all the beautiful memories u gave us.The laughter and smiles you brought to our faces.The cute meowie poses you taught us. The advises u shared with us. Thank much.
Even as we move on,may all of us grow closer despite the distance.And may we look back one day and be able to tell each other, "some things REALLY do remain even when times and people around us change".
Take good care over there dear.Make us proud.And spread the hardo love over there..we'll miss you. =)

With love,


Joe said...

take care vi. raelly. we will miss you,. :)

jkavi said...

hey guys.
good news, i didnt cry after reading this =)
ive been holding myself together pretty well.

first of all,
thank you so very much for this entry it really really touches me.
ive said it before and i'll say it again, im thorouhly blessed to have met all of you hardos and i can only hope this bond that we share goes on for ever and ever.
you guys are amazing.
and i wish we could all go back to college where we saw each other everyday but then when we all got into uni we still were as close as ever and its only gotten better eversince.

nothing changes now.
only, i'll be physically absent but im ALWAYS here for all of you be it emotionally, morally or just anytime you guys need me.

just remember im always thinking about you guys and always wishing the very best for each and every one of you.

i wont use "have been"s because this amazing bond isnt in the past. its now and its forever =)
so, you guys.. ARE amazing.
you guys allow me to just be myself.
you guys take me and love me for who i am.
you guys mean SO MUCH to me.

love each and every one of you

take care.
study hard.
make me proud.
go hardos!!

much love darlings.

wunnie said...

all the best over there girl...watever happens over there, just rmbr one thing!!the haardos back here are all supporting u, giving u endlessly loves!!!take good care u so so much...=)