Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fear NOt !

It seems kavi is being thrashed by the down-but-not-out appendicitis-surviving noodle species, Pan Meen(sometimes known also as Kien Seng).

Click H-E-R-E for a Wikipedia explanation of this unique species

But fear not kavi,


Defense of the Kavi


The reason Kien seng made such a big fuss , calling Kavi a noob over and over again..

Was because he felt that he deserved the spot in the noob club more than Kavi.

And i hate to say this, But i have to agree with him.

His evil noob grin.

Hes got some noob disappearing ability. I managed to catch this shot before he disappeared into complete noobness

See kavi ... you CANT beat him

Lets just give him the spot in the noob club. My bad, not just a spot, with his level of noobness he deserves the THRONE.

Again, Kien Seng achieved victory.

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