Monday, August 27, 2007

He strikes back!

Courtesy of my old pal Ci Long, i've managed to find this.....

Guys, remember Wee Meng Chee? That guy who's blood is wanted by our stupid politicians who've got nothing better else to do other than making absolutely sure that they arrest him rather than taking care of our country's more important issues? Well, in spite of all the threats and uproar, HE STRIKES BACK! And presents us with.....

Go Meng Chee!

Anyway, just a bit of advertisment for my friend here, he is a formal national tennis player and anyone who is interested for some tennis lessons can approach him. Well, me actually, because i dun think he likes his phone number published on the WWW. One of his greatest achievments is that he was the youngest ever Malaysian player (at 16) to obtain a world ranking, yes, a world ranking! How many people can do that??

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