Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bali. she went...

Heyo haardos!

Remember Jesvin, the hot chick of G16?she has departed to Bali this morning..yeah its so sudden..she texted me yday telling me that she is leaving today..10.55am’s flight…
doing medicine over there and will be coming back for hols on jan..didnt have the time to catch up with her..the last time I saw her was somewhere around jan…fuh..7months alr..
Anyway..would like to wish her all the best over there!we had promised each other to keep in touch no matter wat before she left..*fingers crossed* ..am so gonna miss her….sob..

bon voyage!

So how have u haardos been doing?hols so far so good..gahhh..time flies..2nd sem is coming real soon..next weds…am sure gonna miss my hols so so much..but nvm..ive got 2 months of hols end of this year..wheeeeeee….

Just a short entry…ive got to go now..out with mum..see ya ppl!



AdrianC said...

i got no holidays!!!! sob sob cry cry

jkavi said...

Yeah i havent been in touch with Jes..
if you contact her do tell her i sent her my best wishes kay?

Just so you guys know, Joanne's at IMU doing medicine. 5 year programme fully local.

WHen we're free we should organise a meet up la..

taylors +monash+IMU + UCSI = BOMB

wunnie said...

adrian: no hols at all?aiks...but ive got no more hols next year..gotta work!sob
kavi: will do girl!yeah we are the BOMB!!hehe

jkavi said...

you gotta work?!

wunnie said...

yeah kavi..sort of industrial training kinda thing..