Tuesday, August 28, 2007


goog to see this site is now being updated frequently...

Sorry guys for Adrian's OOA (Out Of Action)

plus joe nudge me some other time ill lend you my laptop..if you still need it. i need to edit our first band video as well, but cant seem to find the software and time to do it (its in quicktime format). will figure it out later.

Just yesterday while doing my chem report, i chatted with Joanne and she says shes studying in IMU. probably medicine i guess since she really wanted medicine during SAM. not quite sure but since we have friends in IMU, wont we be able to hang out with them? Like Marie, Joanne, Jolene and Mai Chee.

Probably they are busy dissecting humans or whatsoever but we could have a errr thong BBQ party. :)

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