Saturday, August 18, 2007


vi - says:
but we all know that we're here for each other
i have you. you have me. we have amazing friends
we are very blessed people do you realise that?
so when you feel a bit sad,think of how blessed we are
so many ppl have group of friends
but we have perfect balance of different people who absolutely love each other
a bunch of friends that can have so much fun without worries
not many ppl have that

chatted with vi moments ago and she said that to me..i find it rather meaningful and encouraging…am glad that ive met such ppl like u haardos in college last year…a bunch of us that gone thru ups and downs, sweet and bitter together…im glad!im blessed!

And haardos! I managed to cook just now without burning the kitchen,,hehe..cooked cheese macaroni..btw, the macaroni comes with the cheese no biggie..but at least I tried u see.haha!

Well…im off now to hit calculus book…
Take care you all!


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