Tuesday, September 4, 2007

2nd sem...


Haardo’s outing was awesome yday…enjoyed myself so much..
7 haardos in vi’s kelisa = da bomb.. rofl
A big thanks to kavi for the ride!!*hugs*

So my 1st sem’s results were out yday..
results aint that sastifying but Ive promised myself to work even harder in this coming sem.. *fingers crossed*

Am back to cheras alr..my 2 weeks of hols just past by lidat..how fast!
going back to normal uni’s routine starting from tmr..attending lectures, tutorials, assignments and never ending lab reports. Boredom! Urgh..
ive got 2 subs for this sem..Uni Chem 2 and Structural Biochemistry..this sem is gonna be a short sem, only 2 months..im very sure its gonna be very hectic!
And after this 2 months, ive got 2 months of hols..so looking forward to it..hooray!hehe..

Til here..take care ppl..
Hugs hugs!!


jkavi said...

Gurl, no problem. next time i drive lorry la can fetch all of you without any infetility problems. HAHAHA..

I had a blast today too.
Been very long since we hung out like this. must do more often! =)

About your results,
im sure youve given it your best la gurl. just work harder for the next sem =)

me loves you

wunnie said...

woah lorry?hhahahah..
ok ok sure..and we can hipshake behind there while u driving,,rofl
thanks girl!!
me love u too!

AdrianC said...

drive lorry can carry bed also la...and do whatever you want on it :)

jkavi said...

HAHAHAHAHA very creative, adrian!!

btw how've you been la? super long time didnt see you adi

wunnie said...

yea la adrian..
how u?
where have u been missing?
hope everything is fine with u!!

AdrianC said...

haha well finally got time off..been busy with assignments lab reports assignments lab reports assignments! argh!!!!

LuNatiC FRiNGe said...

Hey, I have missed lots of hardo stories and I am a lazy bum to flip it through again.
Adrian, me too haven't seen u for long time. Miss u more than all, do u miss me?:p

jkavi said...

ceatttttt... finally nice to see you here!

wunnie said...

nice to see u here too ceat...
blog something ok??