Friday, September 28, 2007


Long time since ive been here…
just got back home from cheras…aww home sweet home..the moment I stepped into my hse..the feeling is just..u noe..just so great!guess im not that kinda person that can stay away from home..yeah mind me,,im not like uhm gazillions kilometers away from my house..but, stil every second I think of my home and family..:)

so, I thought that short sem with onli 2 subs would be sort of like party-time for us..but no..i was wrong..its so packed and stressful I must say..lab reports, assignments, quizzes, tests, midterms and finally the big big exam..the FINALS.all in just 2 months..
tell me hectic anot?stress stress…so many things to do but so lil time..

ive got biochem’s quiz next mon..then uni chem. 2’s test on SAT..yes SAT..its supposed to be my back-in-klang day but the lec just have to put the test on that day..evil-ness….grrr…and then the following mon ive got biochem’s test also..and the list goes on and's good..very good!!

ok ok nuff of complaining…needa finish up the lab reports and then nerding time for biochem…

Till the next post..


jkavi said...

Hey gurl..
yeah i can understand what its like..

i mean just WHIP your lecturers la.. haha ..

Anyhow i can only imagine what its like to be away from family for so long..
i two days never come home oso can cry adi :P

ME miss youuuuu!

hope youre coping well.
take care
much love

wunnie said...

whip my lecturer??
i hope i
me miss u tooooo
take care and loves..

jkavi said...

ask Anne to whip la.
She quite pro with whipping adi :P

Anyhow, just one more month gurl.
hang in there and give it your best :)