Monday, October 1, 2007


Hey ya'll..
been a while since i made an entry here..

I've been .. i dont know la.. i wouldnt say BUSY actually..
i've just been .. stone-ing..

Getting a bit anxious about leaving next year..
Probably normal,no?

Anyhow im trying not to put too much thought into it.
Looks like im most likely coming home in June.
So we can all have a reunion =)

To Anne and Wun, all the best with the few remaining weeks of this semester.
Seems to be getting pretty tough for you both but im sure you have it in you to persevere and pull through.
We're all here in moral support okay!

take care

love you guys lots

Sorry if i end up getting a bit emotional when we part ways but the truth is im trying my best to be tough about it :)


wunnie said...

thanks for the support..
u too yeah?
dun worry bout next year ur leavng and all..we'll always be there supporting u no matter wat..distance is always not a prob!
meanwhile, study hard for this sem..and u'll be sastified at the end of the day..
we together gether gambate aite?hehe

jkavi said...

thanks gurl. appreciate it :)

Li anne`* said...

yes yes,support each other we will =) and YEAH lets all whip the questions off our exam papers! Jia you =p