Monday, October 15, 2007


just got back from genting not long ago..
it was so freaking packed...not fun not fun at all..
we thought that it wudnt be so much ppl since its mon and evryone wud probly go on sat/sun..but no we were wrong..initially we planned to stay there for one night in First World Hotel..but but...the moment we stepped into the many ppl i tell u!!!so plan changed..we came back today itself..
and outdoor theme park was such a waste...we (me and sis) spent 37bucks each just for TWO games...yeap TWO..the queue was super duper triple long..we spent about 20mins for the spinning thingy and 40mins for the cyclone..crazy anot?
after lunch we decided for few more games before headed home..wanted to go for the corkscrew but then the queue was 5 X longer than the cyclone...meaning we gotta queue up for around an hour plus or decided not to...ok fine..then we headed back to the spinning thingy..and guess wat?it was closed for i-dunno-wat fine again.sis wanted to go for the cyclone once more..queue up..waited and waited..and and out of RAINED!!!!!! the geram i tell u!!not fun at all la..
so then we headed home after that since it is raining and theres nothing much to do packed..cudnt shop for anything also..
grrr its probly the worse genting trip ive been so far..
i miss our haardo's trip last when is our next trip there?
gotta stop here..abit of headache now..and my nose is killing me..sneezing non stop!
till then ppl!
take care!!


jkavi said...

Gurl, we'll plan a second trip to genting after the finals are over.
i really really want a second trip there with you guys :)

wunnie said...

yeap me too!
me want also!!
then we can party there..wehoo

AdrianC said...

waaaah genting so bad already? eh me also want to go go go =(