Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The ultimate(not) foosie battle

OKAY OKAY i curi curi fooosed. so what? wahahha TAK NAK FOOS campaign was temporary anyway

it was a best of one.


WEEE. wasnt really a Good game as most of the shots were kais and superkais. I made 2 nice pushies goals (thanks seannn) and adrian made about 2 nice pullies too. I ACCIDENTALLY hacked once.

Special thanks to Sunway College who provided the foosball tables wiith EDSBI(Extremely Dirty, Stinky and Bacteria Infected) foosball rods.

Also after our game 2 guys from MUFY challenged us to a game. One of them is not so good whereas the other one can do super fast pullshots. we lost 3-6.

After disinfecting my hands with handwash liquid + water + more handwash liquid + water, i decided to leave uni and go back to makan with my family. on my way out, two Flaming Hot chicks asked me the way to the cafeteria. Wohoo hot visitors. by the way Flaming Hot chick reminds me of Nandos. ok thats just some random shit for you guys. Bye time to study

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