Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Listen up haardos

Our beloved ROBERT TSUNG is leavin for australia soon. Very soon. in 2 weeks or so he'll be leaving. and he wont be comin back for 2 years. Nope hes not doin his Masters he is goin to some church mission there.


Since we plan to visit UCSI-ians lets just kill two birds with one stone.

NEXT THURSDAY (28th of June), we'll go to UCSI. meet in KL Sentral. then we'll take the train to UCSI and hardofy those people there and shake hips together till our panties fall off. ok back to the point. Then we'll take a train to SUBANG in the EVENING, to have a dinner with Robert Tsung.

Please confirm with me whether u guys can go.

(gay) Love,

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