Friday, June 8, 2007

love is wonderful

based on the rumor running around, i have something to say.

love is wonderful.

No, im not teasing you kavi. i mean think of it:

Its nice to have someone to yell good morning to like a crazy banshee or some yelling puss in some boots.

Its nice to have someone to sit beside to in classes (romantic) especially during the darkest(boring-est) journey in the classroom.

Its COMPLETELY OKAY if he looks like SHREK and the gals hate him. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder k. Princess Fiona likes Shrek too (i doubt that if she doesnt turn into a green monster at night and now forever)

All in all, its good to fall in love. its a great thing. maybe ive been single for too long now.



#lonely....i am so lonely...i am MR LONELY.....

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