Sunday, July 1, 2007

Genting Again?

Guys lets go somewhere before uni starts again. So far adrian kavi and i are all thinkin of goin to genting, anybody here has a better suggestion?

Initially we wanted to go to sunway lagoon but theres a construction goin on so unless u love drinking Chlorent (chlorine + cement) water, i suggest we go somewhere else.

If we're goin to genting, kavi can get hotels at special rates. All the hardos who missed our first genting trip can come. The problem is, if we do go, kavi will be the only girl there. Imagine spending a night in a hotel room with like 5 guys and a girl?? thats totally unsafe. for US GUYS. we never know what she'll do to us when we're in slumberland. okay ANY HARDEEs(female hardos) out there wanna go?

just reconfirm dates with me okay. muaks bye love you all. especially you, babeh. (she forced me to say this) wakakka

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